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Today I attended a Wiccan (more or less) Ostara ritual. I was introduced to the group through rather circuitous means. One of the people Alex may or may not have been cheating on me with introduced me to a friend of hers who is a member of the coven. The group is made up of some really cool people, and I'm glad to have been welcomed so warmly even if I am not at all Wiccan and have some related concerns.

The High Priestess is charming and very . . . exuberant. She was very happy to see that I made it to the ritual today after I attended the informal meet up last night. There are a handful of people that I am very glad to have met today and yesterday whose acquaintance I intend to pursue. It's strange to me what fruits disaster bears. Through the devastation of lost love I have gained a great crowd of new friends.

The Wheel turns, the Earth moves; day breaks. Of course, I'm past being hurt at this point. Bryan told me that he had read somewhere that six months is the healthy morning period for the loss of someone (through both break up and death, if I remember properly, the brain equates them both). May approaches, and I am mostly done with all of this psycho-drama.

I am still waiting, of course, to make plans for the coming months, but regardless, I'm gearing up for adventure.

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