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luxuriantdevice ([personal profile] luxuriantdevice) wrote2010-03-26 01:06 pm
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The Art of Clothes

My life is entirely in pieces right now, though not because of anything traumatic, not because my world has been shattered or anything silly like that. I've been very consciously pulling it apart, picking out the stitches and opening the seams. Now I have my life spread out on the floor and I've been looking at it, trying to figure out what I can make out of all these pieces that used to be a coat.

Of course, I can't make certain plans right now. I don't know where I'll be in four months. Hopefully I shall be living in Providence, Rhode Island, pursuing my MFA at RISD. I'm waiting for the damn letter. Only a little bit longer and then I can start making plans and making phone calls.

I'm planning on selling off all of my stuff no matter what happens. I'm not renewing my lease in June, as much as I love my apartment (I shall miss you, Sluethwood in the Lake!), I hate my downstairs neighbors, who have more cats than sense, and my landlord stopped returning my calls six months ago. It's time for a change.

I'm slightly disappointed with my wardrobe progression this year. Moratorium on Color has only recently reached a point where it can be properly expressed and it is almost time for Pirate!, which I am having some conceptual difficulties with. The idea of wearing color in any large quantity makes me feel kind of ill (I can do it and am doing it now, but I don't like it, at all). I am most comfortable anymore wearing black, white, or grey. Anything else feels alien and strange. I'm thinking of modifying Pirate! and taking it into a more Steam Punk inspired place, maintaining my moratorium on color. Originally Pirate! was supposed to be about mundivagance and gender play. However, I'm feeling like my summer wardrobe is going to be more about tailoring and subtlety. I will be more of a dandy pirate, I think. I did just buy a black velvet waistcoat after all (I'm changing the buttons from horn to mother of pearl).

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